Music fun and success . . .
that’s the vision, that’s what we all want.

I’ll be your guide

Hi, I’m Gilbert Nelson and next to my own joy in making music, my greatest pleasure is showing you the path to fulfillment of your musical dreams.

Bluegrass music is a lot more than just strings and frets. That’s the “hardware” but . . . it’s a lot more. It’s about the “feel”, the ebb and flow, soothing and harmonious or joyful drive. It’s emotional, it’s interactive and it’s social. It’s about finding that special magic when everyone is grooving together as if we were one. That’s something that’s not taught but I’ll guide you . . . if you’ll follow me.

It’s not just what to practice but How to practice. It’s strategies for improving, listening skills, getting past that “hard spot” or getting “unstuck”. It’s about the obvious revealed within the mystery. I’ll be your partner, I’ll hold you accountable and I’ll be your biggest fan.

I’m good at this, and I’m getting better all the time. I look for no less from you.

I and my team create safe, encouraging and fun ways to challenge yourself, take risks, find success and yes, even to fail.

This really is about common sense, guided by knowledge and experience. Whether one to one in person or by computer, or in classes and camps across the country, I and my team will meet you where you’re at with real insight, empathy and a plan for you.

Here’s one small step. Write me a few words and tell me:

What instrument do you play? Know any songs or tunes? What are you good at or where could you improve? Do you sing any? Tell me about your triumphs or even your train-wrecks.

I read all my emails, and I’ll reply to yours. Write me at [email protected].