Sat & Sun Oct 26-27 • Charleston SC • Tuition $249.00

Strictly limited seating for 10 students at our hosts’ private home on St. James Island (Charleston). They’ll be serving a free Oyster Roast after class on Saturday. After hours jamming if you still have it in you. Bring recording devices. Bring your guitar or other non banjo instrument if you play one. We’ll be backing one another from time to time and you can be a help to your fellow students.

Qualifications: 1. Designed for established beginners, to seasoned intermediates. 2. You need to have some basic banjo rolls down pretty good. 3. Thumb roll, Forward/reverse will get us what we need. 4. Be able to recognize and locate four or five notes in a row and find them on your banjo with only a little experimenting. 5. Recognize and make basic chord changes (G, C, D) without hesitation between. You might be a lot more advanced but this is the first rung of the ladder.

Join us for this two-day banjo intensive. For details, contact Gilbert by email at [email protected], or call him at  (864) 764-4830.