Immerse yourself in the world of jamming!
Perfect for all levels.

What are the multi-day camps like?

Fun Fulfilling and Empowering!

You’ll learn the ground rules of jamming in a friendly and safe environment, playing easy songs at gentle tempos in small groups of pickers just like you—mistakes expected!

Jam camps are taught using The Wernick Method, developed by Pete Wernick and now used by Gilbert and other teachers across the country and internationally.

Gilbert employs these principles and methods in his own matchless style, adding insights gained from his many years teaching beginners. Gilbert is by far the most experienced and successful teacher of the Wernick Method and is a lifelong learner and mentor.

Intro groups get a good solid grounding in the traditions, principles and ground rules for jamming success, playing songs with easy chords at slow tempos, supported and guided by gentle, seasoned hands.

Intermediate and advanced tracks expand on those basics and develop deeper understanding and experience. Listening skills are honed and team sound cultivated.

While instrument skills are not the focus of jam camp, they can hardly be ignored either and so you’ll always get good coaching and instruction on technique and style. Get even more focused personal instruction and explore Private Sessions. Special Banjo Intensives are day long group sessions that zoom in on exciting banjo topics.

Gilbert brings his own “dream team” with him for larger size multi- day camps. Leigh Nelson is Gilbert’s wife, his “backup brain” and organizational guru.

Dee Rosser is Gilbert’s “jam camp whisperer” bringing his own gentle, patient style and putting everyone at ease. For even larger class sizes Gilbert brings his best reserve team members onboard.

What about single-day camps?

One-day jam classes offer a quick tour of the full Wernick Method program offered in Gilbert’s multi-day jam camps.

It’s a perfect opportunity to experience first hand the friendly, safe, and productive learning environment that Gilbert and his team create. And you’ll get a healthy taste of the Wernick Method skills and techniques covered in more depth during a jam camp. Gilbert always says: “We can’t cover everything . . . but we can sure try!”

Lots of jam camp veterans return again and again to One-day classes for the access to refreshing challenges and growth. Gilbert will put you to work.

Once you’ve spent some time with this safe and effective learning environment, its friendly and welcoming jamming community, and the encouraging and inspiring teachers on Gilbert’s team—and once you’ve experienced first hand the benefits it can offer you on your own jamming journey—you’ll want to be first in line for Gilbert’s very next multi-day jam camp. is the next step for you!

One-day classes are a great way to get started on your road to the Joy of Jamming or to simply spruce up and keep your game sharp.

How do I qualify?

It’s easier than you may think! If you play guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, or resonator guitar you can be part of a bluegrass jam.

Only requirements: You must be able to tune your instrument (electronic tuning devices welcome) and change smoothly between G, C, D, and A. Fast playing is not expected, nor is the ability to solo required.

What if I have some experience?

Intermediates welcome! You will be given extra challenges and jamming opportunities

The Wernick Method calls its approach a One Room Schoolhouse. Everyone gets to participate and make a meaningful contribution at their own level to the jam. Those with existing skills will have plenty of opportunity to put them to use as their groups work towards making the music as good as can be. Anyone can be a vital part of this special community.

Gilbert and his team will use their insight and experience to group jammers in the best possible ensembles … and mix things up as well. Expert, patient, seasoned instructors (who’ve been there!) will patiently unfold things and clear a path to success for you.