Banjo – Guitar – Mandolin – Dobro – Singing and Harmony

Regular guidance on your schedule

Sessions are tailored to your own learning style and goals. Instruction aims for the most success the fastest. Success is fun. Each learner is unique and I’ll tailor instruction to make the most of your strengths. Music is a physical activity, guided and informed by knowledge and understanding. I’ll help you develop common sense musical insight and we’ll learn to supercharge your “brain training” so your hands can make the music you want.

We’ll set realistic goals and develop learning techniques to get there. Patterns in music, proficiency, understanding, hand and muscle training, learning principles and more can all be learned. I’ve been studying the art of teaching for years and I’ll show show you the way.

In person or online

Online sessions are easy to set up and they get you access to my studio wherever you live. Sessions are recorded for you to keep in your library. Skype, FaceTime or other, all that’s required is a decent high speed internet connection.

Sometimes you just need a periodic tune up.

A re-direct, a debriefing, inspiration or confirmation. In short: a partner, a trusted coach you can count on. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the details (important) and miss our goals . . . (essential).

In person or on video conferencing, these one off, or periodic get-togethers serve to: answerer questions, assess progress, plan effective practice, correct unrecognized errors, and set priorities. I’ll give you feedback, insight, instruction and be your partner as you develop and polish your musicianship. Private Sessions like this are the perfect way to spruce up for your next Jam Camp.

Regardless of the instrument you play, call me or write, and let’s see if we can get your compass oriented. I’ll be there as needed and on your schedule to draw out the very best in you.