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Three pathways to your music success.

Your goal is music fun, creating good sounds, and enjoying the process. I'm good at getting you there. Dig in below and find out ways we can move you towards your goal. 

Individual instruction - in person and on line.

In person - individual instruction right here in my living room. When the weather's nice we may head out to the back yard.
I meet you right where you're at in your music and we build understanding and skills using your best ways of learning. My home/studio is Boiling Springs SC and you're welcome here.

Online sessions are convenient and amazingly effective. We'll record your sessions for you to view and or download to your own library. 

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Group Instruction

Group instruction could be one of our fun Wernick Method Jam Camps where the emphasis is on playing with others. Exciting, rewarding and empowering.

Maybe it's one of our weekly in person jam circles at our home. Less about instruction and more about building experience and confidence in a safe and supportive circle. 

Or maybe one of my special banjo camps where we learn to play banjo from entirely fresh perspectives. It's not about memorizing notes - it's about expressing your banjo as an extension of yourself. Toss the tab and follow me!

Group sessions on real time low latency internet
(JamKazam) are lots of fun and can include jammers from a great distance in real time (no delay).

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Banjo Immersion Camps

Banjo instruction that bypasses all the traditional maze of memorization and delivers
insight to empower your learning.
Tools for understanding, for removing impediments, strategies to "blindfold" presuppositions.
Permission to play from the heart.

Each Banjo Immersion Camp is designed around a particular theme like:
* Banjo As Language: Play like you talk.
* Fills and licks what they are and how we use 'em.
* Earl's Secret: Melody enveloped within rolls - Breaking the code.
* Tone, Taste, Touch and Timing: Expressing your banjo.
* Transposing,  Capos and Playing in other keys

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