Group Instruction

√  Wernick Method jam camps
√  Weekly small groups at our place
√  Banjo Camps
√ Real time jamming via computer - yes it's real!

Playing with others is
the best way
to get good.

Strings and frets and fingers is part of it. However, being engaged, and listening with knowledge and
understanding, that's the ticket. Group instruction is so much fun and it can turbocharge your personal learning. 

Sometimes you just need to get with other people and let 'er rip.

Group sessions are just what our musical soul longs for. But besides the fellowship, you get real instruction that makes you a better musician. Not just a song or a lick but deeper and longer lasting ideas, challenges and even positive critique that propels you to your next horizon of learning.

A place where everyone is a learner . . . Including the instructors.

Group sessions are not about famous name stars (though you may encounter one or two). We all have feet of clay in some respects, yet we all can lift one another by example, instruction, and sharing our own stories.  Your fellow students are a rich source of learning and you may have a thing or two to contribute.  Some have called it our "Safe Fail Zone".

When and where?

You can get access to group instruction in a number of ways. We hit the road and host jam camps and Banjo Immersion camps from the Carolinas, to Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and beyond.

Real time jamming on the low latency JamKazam platform is convenient any time by appointment.

You're welcome in our living room for Sunday afternoon jams. Since we're careful to balance the instruments and skill levels, it's good to arrange in advance,

Find out more about guided Virtual Real Time Jamming via low latency computer connection. If that sounds interesting then we should talk.

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