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Banjo - Guitar - Mandolin - Dobro - Bass - Singing and Harmony singing.

You and me working together - making it happen. 

I'll meet you where you're at, learning the ways you learn, your interests and goals. Every student gets their own unique learning experience according to your style.

Classical music and back porch jamming just ain't the same thing. Playing by ear is what we're all about. Note for note memorization just won't cut it. This is music that you express "in the moment" using skills and experience that you get by instruction and plenty of "hands on" participation.

Getting access to interactive playing with others grows us into the fun and engaged jammers. We'll use a number of tools to get you interacting in context whether it's with real live people or via online low latency real time jamming, or even with artificial computer picking partners. I've created an ever growing library of Play Along Videos designed to make it easy to interact and get the hang of playing with others. Of course jam camps offer a truly rewarding learning environment where it all comes together. 

Some distinctives: We'll generally avoid using tablature or musical score which can often camouflage  the real spirit of the music inside us. We'll learn to listen, imitate and then invent our own music.

We'll learn about music and we'll learn about learning while we're at it. We'll develop understanding and physical skills, figure out strings and frets and learn to listen. We'll look at big picture and even the very small things. We'll find out what makes you tick as a musician and build on those foundations. We may find ways that you haven't even thought of before. This is about developing as a genuine musician - not just a musical robot.

Most often sessions are a generous hour long for $60.00. You can reserve your own slot on the weekly calendar or just go for every other week. Some people come every once in a while when they're ready.

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