Friday March 1,      2:00 till 6:00
Burlington NC - Twin Lakes Community
Earl's Secret: Banjo Intensive
* Breaking the code - 
Melody enveloped within rolls.
* Tab can steal our joy. You long to play with feel and understanding.
* Hands on - we’ll make lots of (controlled) noise. 
* Perspective, Principles, Strategies, Tools for success.
* Want Bluegrass melodies that bounce and swagger?
* Earl’s Secret is a manifesto of concepts and principles (hidden but now     revealed). It’s also a set of concrete examples that you can act upon at  home.

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Gilbert: 864-764-4830     -     Leigh: 575-574-2764 

What to expect

     This is it! The Holy Grail for banjo pickers! It sounds so wonderfully complex, this magical

tapestry of cascading notes, weaving through the chords and the lyrics. You can learn ‘em the

hard way if you want – note for note, lick for lick. But we’ll try and re-orient our musical mind

around better priorities. We'll use a form of forward roll to unfold it all, but the principles can

then be applied to all the other rolls. First things first.

     It’s about a few simple rules of the game. It’s about creating a new

paradigm. It’s about orienting our ear first around the cadence, then the chords and notes.

(With the other stuff in place, the notes almost take care of themselves.) It’s about some hard

work to plow the field so the seed can sprout (brain training for an automatic hand)

but then . . .

oh then, the songs start to come easy and you can almost . . . or maybe you really can - just

kick that thing off and pretty much nail it first try!

     Now that’s something worth working for.

I’ll give you the insight, the strategy, the learning techniques, to design your own original and

very credible banjo solos. It’s a big part of Earl’s style, broken down so you can understand

and employ it yourself. No More Tab – Not just copying licks by ear – but Real Playing like Ear!.

Tuition $75.00    Lunch Included.

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Remember to Click to register . . . or just give us a call:
Gilbert 864-764-4830
Leigh 575-574-2764

This is a great session standing on it's own . . .
but it's also a great primer for the more in depth work we can dig into once this foundation is set.

Roster is strictly limited.

I want to be able to give each of you personal input that large groups can't do.
So, get in while the gettin's is good.

We'll be making a whole lot of noise as we experiment with our banjos so be ready for a hands on experience.

To qualify you should:
1. Be able to make standard banjo rolls that are continuous and foot tapping worthy.

2. Hear and apply chords that make sense with (track with) singing type songs.

3. You can listen to a short series of single melody notes or perhaps a short scale (4 or 5 or so notes) and figure them out on your banjo fairly quickly, or at least be able to track 'em down. Do, Re, Mi, or just the first line of any old bluegrass song could be a good example to test yourself. We'll play longer melodies but this will help you to judge your qualification.

4. You don't have to be any kind of special. I just want you to have banjo rolling pretty much in the bag and be able to find some notes. We'll build you up from there.

Gilbert Nelson

aka Dr. Jambo 

Gilbert Nelson is your host. He leads jammers to green pastures. A passionate player and teacher of the music. Gilbert can hone in on where you're at and guide you in ways to break forth with more knowledge and pathways to improvement. He knows how to bring out the best in you and he leads banjo camp by example with inspiration, energy, and insight.

Assisted by: Leigh Nelson

aka General Leigh

Affectionally known as "General Leigh" Leigh is Gilbert's "backup brain" She's part musician, part organizer and problem solver. Leigh knows jamming. She's a master with gentle and knowledgeable instruction making learning fun. Leigh plays Bass Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin and she's learning banjo now. She’ll even sing for you if you’re nice.

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