One of the best jam songs out there! Blue Ridge Cabin Home. You know what to do! Strum, chop, roll, saw along in time. Keep time and track with the chord sequence. If you can, play melody or fills. Sing! Sing a lot. Learn the lyrics and rack up another in your repertoire of songs you can lead yourself. Tune ‘er up and let’s pick.

Classic of classics: Bury Me Beneath The Willow – This is one of my earlier efforts on the learning curve of video play along work. Enjoy strumming, rolling, singing and all the wonderful ways you can practice your contribution to a jam. If you want specific help with any aspect (remember harmonies) then contact me right away and we’ll make a time to get together.

Well it’s not exactly a play along like the others. Could be a sing along though. Something Leigh caught down at Armurchee GA. These guys just wanted to sing and I couldn’t resist. Good times.

Cornbread and Butterbeans: This song is just too fun. I first heard it from the Carolina Chocolate Drops and it got stuck all over me. Hope it does you too. Get some sassy attitude and sing it loud! I’ll show you how.

Tune up and get in the key of “A” with me. We’ll play “Don’t Fall In Love With A Rambler (little darlin’) together. I’ll set the tempo and you can kick it off. Strum rhythm, play some hot licks or fills, sing out loud, sing harmony with me. There’s a speed controller behind the little gear symbol. A good speaker or earphones will be nice.


Banjo As Language: The most music, the most fun . . . directly. This video begins an unfolding, a fresh and accessible pathway for you. We’ll create endless variety using a well defined “vocabulary” of banjo texture and sound. It’s not about “How To Play A Song”, it’s about how to create a sound. That sound is banjo back up (where we spend 90% of our time). That sound, when we’ve become proficient, is fun, easy, exciting, credible, versatile and doable.    Rather than S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  the song, we’re “Speaking” it – as language.

This is the first of 3.5 hours of video on the subject. Please do contact me if you want to discuss this video or to find out more. [email protected]

A decent speaker or earphones can help.

Learn to play this sound and then we’ll find out how good it sounds on almost any song or situation.