Tune up and get in the key of “A” with me. We’ll play “Don’t Fall In Love With A Rambler (little darlin’) together. I’ll set the tempo and you can kick it off. Strum rhythm, play some hot licks or fills, sing out loud, sing harmony with me. There’s a speed controller behind the little gear symbol. A good speaker or earphones will be nice.


Banjo As Language: The most music, the most fun . . . directly. This video begins an unfolding, a fresh and accessible pathway for you. We’ll create endless variety using a well defined “vocabulary” of banjo texture and sound. It’s not about “How To Play A Song”, it’s about how to create a sound. That sound is banjo back up (where we spend 90% of our time). That sound, when we’ve become proficient, is fun, easy, exciting, credible, versatile and doable.    Rather than S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  the song, we’re “Speaking” it – as language.

This is the first of 3.5 hours of video on the subject. Please do contact me if you want to discuss this video or to find out more. [email protected]

A decent speaker or earphones can help.