Home Sweet Home
At the Nelson's place.

Boiling Springs SC
June 2-5, 2022
Wait! Whoa! Banjos got full already! (let's get you on the waitlist.)
Still room for guitars, mandolins, dobros, and fiddles.
Four Days of instruction and
real life jamming opportunities.

Thursday: 2:00-6:00
Friday and Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday 10:00-4:00

Back yard pickin, or on the screen porch, in the old living room, we'll be all around as the occasion calls. It's comfortable and convenient. Nearby hotels and restaurants.

Meet Bobo the orange cat and Norman the grey one. Tyke is the fluffy and friendly Pekingese . They all love guests as much as we do.


What it's like:

4 days of comfortable circles of jamming.

Welcome to our home in the suburbs of Spartanburg SC. Mi casa es su casa so make yourself at home. The cats stay out and the dog stays in. Nice shade trees and a screen porch for pickin. The living room is perfect for inclement weather. We'll limit class size for the best student/teacher ratio and space for pickin. 

Small Groups

That's the way bluegrass is supposed to be played.

We'll arrange small groups for you according to everyone's skills, interests, instruments, singing and style to get you the best ensemble experience. Sometimes we’ll mix groups so you can jam with a variety of people.

This is Tyke. He's our Pekingese rescue dog.  He'll follow his nose an awful long way so don't let him out the door!

Large Group Instruction . . .

happens periodically as the occasion calls.

Especially first meeting of camp and typically mornings but other times too. These sessions are for everyone to get on the same page together. There we can set a theme, a principle or topic that we’ll pursue further in our small groups.

Breakout and Topical Sessions

Mixed groups according to topic like:

Finding melody - Faking a solo when you don't know or haven't practiced the melody - Leading a song or following one. Singing with style and also Harmony singing - Instrument specific breakouts - Pick up notes - Fills - tone, timing and technique - Learning strategies - How to find your key(s) - capos and transposing. Who knows what will come up. We can't always hit everything but some things we always get to work on.

After Hours Jamming  is a tradition at our place.

Pretty much a spontaneous and less rigorous time just letting it all hang out.

After hours jamming is a more spontaneous sort of thing that can just happen . . . or not - depending on how wore out everyone is. We've got picking buddies living just up the street and all around and who knows if we might convince them to come over and join us from time to time. It could turn into something of a showcase of entertainment, or maybe a full on jam orchestra or perhaps just Gilbert letting it all hang out quietly by the backyard fire pit. It's all unplanned and no guarantees, it just happens.

The Food

Each day Leigh creates one of her famous lunch dishes. We'll probably serve pizza Thursday evening just to get things rolling. Everybody's on your own for breakfast and dinner. Lots of nearby eateries. Leigh makes real food like your mama - right in her own kitchen. If you have special diet restrictions please let us know and we'll do our best to take care of you.

Tuition, meals and lodging

Each are separate. Leigh will guide you.

Tuition -  $425.00
Lunch is Included in your tuition.
Motels Nearby - Contact Leigh for guidance. 575-574-2764.
Click here to pay deposit ($50.00) via Square.

Gilbert Nelson

aka Dr. Jambo 

Gilbert Nelson is your host. He leads jammers to green pastures. A passionate player and teacher of the music. Gilbert can hone in on where you're at and guide you in ways to break out with more knowledge and pathways to improvement. He knows how to bring out the best in you and he leads jam camp by example with inspiration, energy, and insight.

Leigh Nelson

aka General Leigh

Affectionally known as "General Leigh" Leigh is Gilbert's "backup brain" She's part musician, part organizer and problem solver. Leigh knows jamming. She's a master with a gentle and knowledgeable touch. Leigh's instruction style makes learning fun. Leigh plays Bass Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin and she's learning banjo now. She’ll even sing for you if you’re nice.

We love the Wernick Method

A common sense approach to getting musical fun and success in bluegrass jamming.

You'll be jamming in the first 5 minutes. We use Pete Wernick's time tested methods to get you understanding, how to techniques and plenty of action in a friendly circle of people just like you.

There is no requirement for vaccine or testing. Masks are welcome but not required.

We do expect everyone to use common sense and hygiene. We'll prioritize open windows with plenty of fresh air and space ourselves so as not to crowd together. Each of us is responsible and accountable.

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