May 9, 2024
Pre - Malpas Brothers
Jam Camp!
You want in on this!

Intermediate or Basic - We got you covered.

Your chance to play with others. Friendly, guided instruction with lots of jamming. Find your groove and get the hang of playing with others. 

We'll meet you right where you're at and then grow you deeper and wider as a musician.

One whole day preceding the official evening kickoff of the Malpas Brothers Festival.

Enjoy learning, and picking and singing all day long and then in the evening you can nurse those sore fingers under the stars while watching the pros. 

Denton Farm Park is a spacious and beautiful campground with trees and water and even a working antique railroad train that circles the camp on schedule. Lots of antique buildings and old farm implements.
I'm a sucker for trains so here's a link so you can see:

We're ready to show the way for Basic jammers who are learning the ropes and . . .
Intermediate jammers get to develop on their own more challenging track.

Click  for the registration page.
There's a chair in our circle for you so . . .

Of course you can just call us and we'll guide you through.
Leigh: 755-574-2764     -     Gilbert: 864-764-4830

What it's like:

Rain or shine we'll have a roof over our heads if we need one. That, or we can pick on the old front porch or under a shade tree.

Everyone has been gathering for days in advance and we'll be pickin' under a (hopefully) blue sky. Soon the festival will begin as the sun goes low in the sky.

Small Groups

The way bluegrass is supposed to be played. We'll arrange small groups for you according to skills, interests, instruments, and singers to get you the best ensemble experience. Sometimes groups can change so you can get experience with more people.

Large Group Instruction . . .

Especially first meeting of camp and typically mornings but other times too. These sessions are for everyone to get on the same page together. 

Breakout and Topical Sessions

Breakout sessions is where we focus on different pieces of the whole jamming experience.

This is where you can learn new stuff.
Finding melody - Faking a solo when you haven't practiced the melody - Leading a song or following one - Singing and also Harmony singing -

Capos and transposing - how to find your key(s). Who knows what will come up. We can't always hit everything but some things we always get to work on.

Instrument specific breakouts - Pick up notes - Fills - Tone, timing and technique - Learning strategies . In a one day class these topics are touched upon as they come up but a multi-day class offers more opportunities for in depth treatment.

Campground Jamming
all weekend long.

Small or larger groups tend to congregate in the various jamming campgrounds around Denton Farm Park. Indoors, outdoors - faster or slower - straight up bluegrass or off the beaten path stuff. Many you're welcome to join in or, you may just want to  watch and nurse your sore fingers. Acres and acres of jamming.

Tuition, meals and lodging

Tuition -  $95.00
Your $50.00n deposit holds your spot.
We're all on our own for lunch. Home sweet motorhome and vendors.
Camping spots with a variety of hookup services. Get 'em while you can. They can sell out. If you're a squeaky wheel they may put you at the front of the line. (Shhh . . . don't tell "em I said so.)
Call Leigh at: 575-574-2764

Click here to pay deposit ($50.00) via Square.

We love the Wernick Method

You'll be jamming in the first 5 minutes. We use Pete Wernick's time tested methods to get you understanding, how to techniques and plenty of action in a friendly circle of people just like you.

Gilbert Nelson

Gilbert Nelson is your host. He leads jammers to green pastures. A passionate player and teacher of the music. Gilbert can hone in on where you're at and guide you in ways to break out with more knowledge and pathways to improvement. He knows how to bring out the best in you and he leads jam camp by example with inspiration, energy, and insight.

Leigh Nelson

Affectionally known as "General Leigh" Leigh is Gilbert's "backup brain" She's part musician, part organizer and problem solver. Leigh knows jamming. She's a master with gentle and knowledgeable instruction making learning fun. Leigh plays Bass Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin and she's learning banjo now. She’ll even sing for you if you’re nice.

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