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Some think you gotta get good to play with others . . . Really you gotta play with others to get good.

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Jam Camps
Access to real people, real instruction, meaningful insight, positive critique and correction, real jamming designed to make you better.

Jam Camps are friendly, supportive, organized and adjustable for everyone and every situation. Whether you're a "go getter" or a "hanger on" you'll fit in.

Immerse yourself in the world of jamming!

Imagine it's the first day of jam camp and you and the other jammers all are nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.

Ah! But then we begin, slow and easy, just two chords and plenty of support from teachers who know how you feel. Hey, that didn't go so bad . . . everybody is still in the game, so we learn a little more, but mostly we just get the hang of fitting in with the circle of sound. Soon we add another chord to the mix and realize that we're actually jamming, everybody is rooting for us and this is actually gonna be fun.

Those who can are encouraged to play a break, sing harmony, lead songs, throw in a "hot lick" and so forth.

We'll create the kind of environment where you can fit in while stretching your comfort zone. Challenges are unveiled and ways to meet them revealed. You get lots of tries and you get better as we go.

And so it goes at jam camp, developing our music and friendships, growing in trust and skill till - on the last day - the sad goodbyes to those with whom we were so nervous before.

And we all say "Let's do it again one day soon!"

You're more intermediate or advanced?  Jump in!
We'll match you with other experienced jammers so you can play at that higher level you're striving for.

You know a bunch of songs, you can play in other keys, faster tempos work for you. Maybe you sing a little harmony (or you'd like to try it out.) Maybe you've got some skill finding melody on your instrument, or you may want to experience arranging, polishing and playing for an audience. You gotta get in on this. We'll set you up with like minded pickers. 

Maybe you're ready for more ideas, techniques and skills on your instrument or vocally. You want to know more of the nuance of fills, music dynamics, microphones and the like. Come on in, the water's fine.

Some camps are small "family style" some are bigger with all the hustle and bustle. Lots of teachers - lots of students. 

Lodging, food, schedules, tuitions, dates all vary from one camp to another.

By clicking "Upcoming Events"  (below) you can find out about the character and distinctives of all the different camps and find one thats right for you.

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