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Click the "Details" button to learn more about each camp. Some are longer, some shorter. Some are large groups and some smaller "Family Style" groups. Lodging on site or off site, or even camping under the sky.  Some have more teachers and some fewer. Leigh's home cooked meals or restaurants. Find out about each by clicking the RED Boxes.

October 20, 2023

Abingdon VA - Family Style Bluegrass Jam Camp
October 20-22
Friday thru Sunday

Abingdon VA at the Jubilee House Retreat Center.


November 2, 2023

Pickin' in the pines - KOA Myrtle Beach SC.
November 2-5, 2023 Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

Myrtle Beach SC at the KOA Kampground. Casual style. Cookin', pickin', singin', with plenty of breakout sessions, and jammin'.


December 2, 2023

Charlotte NC at Durham Memorial Baptist Church
Last year was casual holiday fun.

This year we're digging in and learning stuff. Empowerment to share your music more effectively and confidently. 

December 2, 2023

Lots of room for breakout sessions in a comfortable place. Easy for Charlotte commuting.

June 8, 2023

Okay, these next ones are seperate but connected so pay attention!
Three different events - All same location.
* Friday is a formal jam class
* Saturday is a free two hour demonstration.
* Also Saturday: Earl's Secret (Breaking the Code)


January 26, 2024

Friday: One Full Day Jam Class at SPBGMA  - Nashville TN
Sheraton Music City in our large and private suite #2134
Saturday January 26, 2024

SPBGMA: Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America.

That's where you can hang out with famous pickers and regular folks like . . . well the rest of us. It's the big deal of the winter season with shows, band contest, performances, luthiers, food and lots of jamming. Jamming in the halls, in the rooms, in the lobby, in the elevator landings, and everywhere!

We'll spend the day together getting insight, skills, instruction and lots of rubber on the road experience all in our private group. All the facets of jam camp are here from song leading and following to "faking" a solo, how to make your best contribution, finding that melody, singing harmony too. Lots more. We can cover some more and probably others less but we'll have fun doing it.

Spend Friday with us and get all your chops together for jamming in the evening and all day Saturday!

We're having a separate event (our annual FREE jam class demonstration session) the next day down stairs in the Belle Meade room from 1:00 till 3:00.

January 27, 2024

Saturday 1:00 till 3:00: Our Popular Afternoon Jam Demo
This one's FREE - In the Belle Meade Room.
Sponsored by SPBGMA

A regular feature at SPBGMA. We all get together in the Belle Meade Room and have a couple hours of fun and fast paced learning. Sometimes (if we have enough experienced coaches) we break into jam groups. Otherwise I have plenty to keep you glued to your chair as we pick and sing and learn together.

June 8, 2023

Saturday 4:30 till 7:30 Earl's Secret #1 Breaking the Code
for Banjos - In our private suite #2134

What makes that forward roll tick?
There is an elegant simplicity and beauty in the way Earl Scruggs could envelop a melody within that driving sound of the forward roll. It sounds complex but we can make sense of it. What is it? How does it work? How can we make that sound? Just where does the melody fit in to all those notes? Nobody else teaches this subject this beautiful and intuitive way. Yes, you gotta think and wrap your mind around a few things. I'll be there to guide you some excellent Ah! Ha! moments and empowerment on your banjo.